KitchenAid Artisan 3.5 HP Power Series Blender
KitchenAid Artisan 3.5 HP Power Series Blender
Item #5KSB7068
Weight: 20.5.lbs
Dimensions: 18H x 10W x 16D
Price: $989.00

The KitchenAid Artisan Power Blender, 5KSB7068, is in response to your request, a much more powerful blending system.  Consider a powerful 3.5 HP Motor which powers and blends quickly through any tough ingredient, with smoother results.  How about 11 speeds of precision dialed options with Pulse, Boost and self-cleaning options.  Then there is a 2.6 Liter and BPE FREE dishwasher safe Jar with a soft touch removable handle grip.  This is designed and engineered to optimize the blender’s performance and comfort.  For those thick blends, a unique flex edge tamper which pushes the ingredients onto the blending vortex and scrapes the side of the jar while blending it to perfection.  Let’s not forget the Asymmetric stainless steel blades which blend using 4 different angles to pull ingredients into the blending vortex, for exceptional results.  The Artisan Power Blender knows no fear of blending anything such as tough whole fruits and vegetables.  Finish off with a Premium die-cast case, and exciting new color options only KitchenAid can make, and you have the Ultimate Power Blender. 


Asymmetric stainless steel blade
Powerful 3.5 Peak HP Motor
1800 Watts of Power !
1,000-24,000 RPMs
11 Speeds precision power dial, Pulse/Boost options and self-cleaning cycle
2.6 L BPA-free dishwasher-safe graded Jar with Soft Touch removable handle grip, and vented lid with removable ingredient measuring cap
Unique flex edge tamper
Premium die-cast metal base, precision power dial and switches
Product Weight:   19.4 lbs
Carton Weight:  20.46 lbs
Product Dimensions:  17.6 inches High x 10.5 inches wide x 9.1 inches deep
Packaging Dimensions:   18 inches high x 15.6 inches wide x  13.8 inches deep
Voltage: 220-240 Volts  50/60 Hz
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